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HSE Director

£120,000, bonus, pension, and car



We are recruiting for a director of HSE to ensure that Health and Safety, Environmental and Product standards reflect best practice and that plans to develop these standards over medium- and longer-term horizons are in place. The Director will ensure that these standards have a strong profile within the business and that mechanisms to confirm adherence to standards are robust and transparent throughout the organisation up to Board level.

The role is a new role brought about by strong growth and by the increasingly diverse waste recovery activities undertaken in recent years. It is as a key role in supporting ambitious growth plans. 





  • Ensuring that business operations are conducted in a way that minimises risk of harm to staff, business partners and the public

  • The organisation are compliant with its regulatory and related statutory responsibilities, in particular it’s Operations and Fleet licences and permits and the quality of the waste-derived products and materials that it produces

  • Leadership of organisational approach to developing and living by policies that address wider ethical and social issues in areas such as recruitment, supply chain partners, workplace standards and behaviours


  • Leading engagement with key regulatory authorities, promoting profile in this arena and supporting specific engagements and negotiation

  • Working with Product and Business Unit managers to ensure that opportunities to enhance the quality and application potential of waste-derived products is a consistent routine that has a clear profile within the business

  • Working with Marketing, ensuring that the organisations positive Safety and Compliance culture are in the mix of attributes built into the brand

  • Working with Marketing, ensuring that core Circular Economy and the CO2 mitigation attributes of its waste-derived products and commodities are clearly articulated

  • Ensuring that organisations own Scope 1-3 CO2 strategy is based on ambitious but achievable targets



The organisation currently manages HSE standards and compliance at Business Unit level. High level HSE KPIs are consistent across the group and exist in a transparent cascade from Board level to shop floor. The diversity of operations has meant that systems for capturing, prioritising and acting upon these common KPIs and Business Unit–specific KPIs are most effectively managed at Business Unit level.

However, development of standards, external communication and engagement, quality assurance independent of Business Units and assessment and onboarding of acquired businesses are separate challenges that this new role will spearhead.

The HSE Director will lead within a structure that retains the benefits of local ownership, prioritisation and buy-in to standards but that develops the strategic overlay that allows the organisation to continue to grow in a coherent, consistent way.

The existing Business Unit HSE teams are likely to continue to be the vehicle through which the HSE Director will be effective in the business. Organisationally, these teams will become direct reports of the HSE Director with secondary reporting to local Business Unit management


Qualities and Qualifications

Candidates for the role will meet the following requirements:

  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills and the leadership qualities that allow for the role to be effective throughout the organisation, not just within the HSE functional team

  • A degree in Safety Management, Environmental Management or other related field of study

  • A minimum of 5 years experience in senior management roles that have had responsibility across Health and Safety, Environmental Management, Quality and Standards. Ideally, this will have been in the Resource Recovery sector or a sector with similar challenges.

  • The personal and communication skills necessary to engage with and influence relevant regulatory and standards bodies at a senior level and to represent organisational standards and ambition

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