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What We Do

At Keystone, we fit the project or assignment to your needs. We have undertaken a wide and varied array of work developing a strategy for discovering and selecting the right candidate for you.

As a specialist, our main focus is the recruitment of talent in the Waste, Engineering, Energy and Environmental sectors. We apply a similar hunting approach to all roles that can be refined depending on your needs, urgency and confidentiality.

Executive Search & Recruitment

To ensure the right candidates are sourced for our clients, we have a series of assessments that include: -

  • Gap analysis on specific sectors

  • Identify talent for specific divisions and sites

  • Executive Search

  • Market Intelligence

  • Succession Planning

Executive Assessment Services

Getting the right candidate for you is essential for continued growth and development of your business. We ensure all candidates are assessed for their suitability with dedicated screening to maximise the potential of all candidates put forward. Your time is valuable, and we aim to ensure you can focus on what is important for your business by not wasting time interviewing the wrong candidates for you.

Core Practice Areas
  • Environmental

  • Waste 

  • Engineering 

  • Local Government

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