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Director of Environment



We are currently recruiting for a strong leader with a background in environmental services leading transformation across in a forward thinking environment focussed on getting the best for and out of its workforce.




  • Reporting to the CEO, shaping and delivering the strategic vision for the local area. You will be responsible for promoting and developing a strong corporate focus and a coherent corporate culture across the authority.

  • Provide inspirational and professional leadership to the workforce, strengthening skills and competence and fostering a strong culture of standards, performance and accountability.

  • To take a lead role in maintaining and developing regional, national and local partnerships.

  • To lead on a cross cutting Corporate Plan theme for the authority and working with Heads of Service and designated lead officers on a range of strategic roles.

  • Ensure the delivery of a high quality service and work in partnership with officers and agencies to deliver the Councils agenda.




  • You will part of a combined strategic leadership team ensuring the council’s vision, goals and core values are delivered.

  • Drive leadership and succession across all areas of responsibility

  • Support and develop a clear vision with colleagues and lead Members achieve the council’s key corporate aims.

  • Develop a performance support and assessment policy with operational guidance to develop the services and ability of employers to move forward with clear guidelines.

  • To oversee the work of and provide leadership and guidance to specified Heads of Service in meeting their priorities for improvement and service plan targets and outcomes.

  • To work with Heads of Service to set the strategic direction for budget management and work collectively with colleagues to develop and oversee the council’s budget.

  • To create and maintain service delivery excellence for the council by initiating opportunities for process and service improvements.

  • To network and take an active lead, effectively collaborating with partners/stakeholders to achieve specified existing partnership outcomes particularly fostering effective integrated working with health and to develop future partnerships to better service our communities.

  • To champion the needs of customers at organisational and community wide level and ensure tangible outcomes.

  • To undertake a public relations role and represent the council as required





We are looking for a degree educated candidate with experience across the wider environmental remit with strong performance background. The ideal candidate will want to drive performance and development of staff while holding a strong transformational ability.


Contact James or Lisa for more information.


To apply please send a cv and covering note to or

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