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HR Director


£120,000 + car, pension, bonus


We are looking for a dynamic HR director to work with a developing company with numerous complex divisions working in a growing and demanding sector.

This is a new role created due to increased growth and a need to make the OD agenda robust and fit for purpose.




  • Organisation development and planning for future organisational requirements

  • Performance Management and development systems

  • Recruitment processes and temporary/seasonal staffing strategies at all levels

  • Remuneration and Incentivisation processes and strategy

  • Transparency: Policy development, policy advocacy and policy access

  • Organisation wide employee communications



  • Development of regulatory-compliant standards and mechanisms that demonstrate that they are being given effect throughout the organisation

  • Employee and other stakeholder health and safety

  • Compensation and benefits administration

  • Contract structures and alignment of terms and conditions



  • Management of trade union / representation engagement and employee relations

  • Management coaching and support in dealing with growth and changing business structures

  • Effective feedback and organisational ‘temperature’ gauging mechanisms

  • Supporting the brand (employer brand and otherwise) by articulating and evidencing a progressive HR agenda both within and outside of the organisation

  • Supporting the M&A agenda by providing assessments of target teams and structures and supporting post-acquisition organisation integration.




HR affairs are currently managed at Business Unit level. HR is resourced at Business Unit level with teams that are scaled and skilled to lead the agenda for the relevant business unit. Certain key policies, recruitment and objective-setting for key managers and annual pay round guidance are determined at a corporate level but all other matters are conducted at Business Unit level to meet local business needs. This local ownership and accountability for business functions has been a key feature of the organisation model.

Due to growth, the model must adapt to balance this local accountability with the vision and strategy; managing this transition for HR will be a key challenge for the Director of HR. The question of whether the locally resourced model is the best long term answer is part of this challenge.

The existing HR teams are likely to continue to be the vehicle through which the HR Director will be effective in the business. Organisationally, these teams will become direct reports of the HR Director with secondary reporting to local Business Unit management


Qualities and Qualifications

Candidates for the role will meet the following requirements:

  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills and the leadership qualities that allow for the role to be effective throughout the organisation, not just within the HR functional team

  • A degree in Organisational Studies, HR Management or related qualification

  • A minimum of 5 years experience in senior management roles; prior Waste Management / Resource Recovery experience will be an advantage but not necessary.

  • The personal and communication skills necessary to engage with and influence relevant regulatory and standards bodies at a senior level and to represent organisational standards and ambition


For more information, please send a CV and contact details to and

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